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Very few people can avoid writing on a daily basis. Of
course, some people really enjoy writing, others do it out
of necessity. Writing, essentially, involves placing a
series of words together to convey a certain message or
meaning. To write in its basic form is not a difficult
task. Some people are natural writers, others find it a lot
harder and have to work at the process in order to convey
what they are trying to say. Writing is normally done by
an individual.

For certain individuals, writing their feelings down is
a choice form of self-expression. The mere process of
keeping a written record of one's daily trials and
tribulations, in the form of a personal journal or blog
(in electronic form) has a healing effect. Blogging is now
big, in our electronically-driven society. Some people
write for a living such as journalists, advertising and
commercial copywriters and ghostwriters for publishing
houses, as well as novelists. Careers in writing range from
producing page-turning style pulp fiction to works of great
literary significance. The bottom line is that writing
as a career can be lucrative for those with talent, as well
as those in the right place, at the right time.

To many people writing is a challenge, and for those
people there is good news. The more writing you do, the
easier it probably will get. Writing is like most things.
It involves using muscles. In the case of writing, the
muscles are in the brain. Sometimes those muscles may
need to be worked out a little before the work gets easy
and the words flow.

Even if writing is not enjoyed, it cannot be avoided. From
an early school age, children are required to learn how to
write. At an older age, writing is essential as a way of
communicating. It is essential that children learn how to
write and the best way to do this is to encourage them to
enjoy the experience. No child can travel through their
schooling without learning to write. Children must be able
to write from an early age in order to complete projects
and later in order to complete exams.

In recent years, writing has changed in parallel with
society. Computers are fast becoming the preferred method
of writing. Handwriting is falling out of favor, with word
processing now the norm. Typing, using a keyboard, is now a
vital writing skill for any child.

Nowadays, writing email is one of the most popular ways
to communicate. Writing email letters is often quite
different from writing snail mail letter. Email is
often less professional, less attention is paid to
structure and punctuation. Writing email has meant
learning a new language where abbreviations abound.

Writing is something that most everyone can do.
Writing is something that only a select few excel
at. There are many wordsmiths, who would love to
pursue writing as a career, but like most businesses,
publishing is competitive and only a small minority will
climb to the top. For the rest, writing can be a passion,
a hobby. Writing the great novel is something many people
dream about doing. In order to get the novel started
and finished, it will require a lot of writing.

-By Iscrizione Disimbol


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