Treating Headaches with Chiropractic Care

Another problem that can be easily solved wit chiropractic
treatment is headaches. Usually headaches are caused by
problems in the vertebrae in the neck. To treat headaches
chiropractor applies thrust on a few of these vertebral
joints and brings about a reduction in the spasm in neck
muscles. With the combination these adjustments to the
cervical spine you could be out of the pain quite quickly.
Very rarely do chiropractors take the help of other medical
field to treat these headaches.

One of the foremost indications of the onset of a headache
is that the muscles at the back of the neck near the base
of the skull become very tender and sore. These small
muscles that get tender and sore are attached to the
fibrous lining of the scalp. This fibrous lining of the
skull is called the aponeuorsis. This is the lining that
is under the hair and skin that is covering your head. When
these muscles become tight, tender and sore it exerts
tension on this aponeurosis. This created pressure is
transmitted all over the scalp as a band around the skull
or as if someone is standing on your head. Through
adjustments and manipulations, this tenseness of the
muscles is reduced and the pressure on the skull is

Chiropractic treatment also reduces the nerve irritation
that occurs with a subluxation(spinal misalignment). You
can get relief from irritations of the muscles and tissues
of the upper neck, as well as inflammatory irritation
caused by related trauma to the spinal nerves of the upper
cervical spine.

Before treating the chiropractor decides whether o not your
headaches are caused by problems in the spinal nerve and
vertebra. If yes then there is nothing better than
chiropractic treatment to cure headaches and prevent them
from happening in the future. Many a people have discovered
chiropractic cure as much better than other conventional
medications such as pills, injections etc which lead to
drowsiness. However, with chiropractic treatment, you can
easily carry out your daily routine.

Another factor that goes in favor of chiropractic treatment
is that fact that is accepted even by insurance companies.
As a result you can gauge the reach and credibility of this
treatment making it as creditable as treatment through a
family physician of course without the ills of it such as
expensive medication.

Greg C Molis

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