Top selling books of all time. Here are the books that every home library simply needs to have for the simple reason they are the most popular book ever.

Top selling books of all time are critically aclaimed books all over the world and people will pay to get hold of these immersely popular books. To not read these books is virtually a crime and anyone who claim himself to be a fan of the book should and will have read these top selling books.

The top selling books of all time follows the list. 1) The Holy Bible. 2) Quotations From Chairman Mao Tse-Tung. 3) The American Spelling Book. 4) Guinness World Records (2003). 5) The World Almanac and Book of Facts (2003). 6) The McGuffey Readers. 7) Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care. 8) A Message to Garcia. 9) In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do? 10) Valley of the Dolls.

However, there are many top selling books out there which are very good books, be it for knowledge or entertainment which have not made this prestigous list. Of course, how can anyone summarize the whole book industry into only ten books? Thousands of books out there are actually worth the time to read and digest the content within it.

It is strongly encouraged to every reader out there, new or old readers, to grab hold of a copy of some of these top selling books of all time. Not only are they priceless in content and infomation, they can be very valuable too in future when not in print anymore. These books have a minimum of 30 million copies out there moving around with the highest at 6 billion. Try to get hold of at least one.