The Whole Boating Experience

Have you ever tried a holiday on the water? Just think,
there'd be none of that boring lying by the artificial pool
with lots of people you have nothing in common with.
There'd be none of the putting on lots of weight because
you haven't raised a finger all holiday and, let's face it,
the tan only lasts a few days once you're back at work.
There's always be something to talk about with your nearest
and dearest because every part of every day would bring new
sights and sounds.

If you're still interested and haven't yet been converted
why not try a boating holiday? There are lots of totally
different holidays that you can have on the water in
different countries and seas that could keep you satisfied
for years to come.

Canal boats? The UK has a wealth of clean canals cutting
right through the heart of the country. You can see the
beautiful countryside and even the busy cities from your
own little 'cocoon'. Canal boats are called 'narrow boats'
and they can be very, very long and also very, very narrow.
The canals themselves are only between three and four
metres wide and boats obviously have to be able to pass.
It's possible to hire well equipped boats that have all the
comforts that we expect from life in the twenty first
century. Some sleep up to ten people are works of art in
their own rights with pictures and plants festooned all
over their roofs. If, however, you would rather be on
rivers rather than canals there are different, wider boats
available for hire. Perhaps one of the most beautiful
natural waterways is the Norfolk Broads in East Anglia.
Here you will be able to experience a huge number of rivers
that cut through the countryside before dropping down to
the sea at Great Yarmouth. The area has been encouraging
holiday makers for many years and is well geared up for the
visitors wanting to sample the food and drink in the local
pubs. There are always lots of natural wild life to see
and, despite being quiet and peaceful, there's lots of life
going on all around for those who want to take a close look.

It's not just the UK where you can sample such delights.
If you want to have the weather a little warmer then why
not try the canals of Burgundy in France where you can
visit the beautiful towns and villages in the heart of this
wine producing region. This really has to be the tops if
you're looking for a relaxing holiday whilst being on the

If you want to be more adventurous you could hire many
types of yachts and boats in the Mediterranean. There are
companies that allow you to sail into the sophisticated
marinas in the south of France and others that offer a
week's tuition on a yacht and then you're allowed to sail
to any of the Greek islands. It's the perfect mixture of
exhilaration combined with relaxation where you see new
sights and learn new skills every day but there's still
time for lounging in the sun or having a wonderful, fresh
cooked meal in a small fishing village.

There are other parts of the world offering similar
holidays including the Caribbean. The world is literally
your oyster!

-Claire Lingston

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