The Benefits of Reading to Kids

There is nothing more anticipated day to day for a young
child than story time. Small children love the fantastic
world of fantasy that is provided for them in the picture
books that hold so near and dear. As these fascinated
little children grow older, and start to grow out of the
fantasy world of picture books. Parents should graduate to
books containing more age-appropriate subject matter.
Usually, the parents stop reading to the children before
they outgrow the desire to be read to.

Television and video games have become a way of life for
many families with children, and it is a sad state of
affairs. Their children do not read at home for pleasure,
and the parents wonder why they have low reading
comprehension abilities. Turn off the T.V.! As long as your
toddler, child, or adolescent will allow you to read to
them, keep on doing so. It is the best and most
constructive way to bridge generation gaps, and enjoy
quality time as a family. Make it as pleasurable as
possible for all; in the winter, have hot chocolate by the
fire, in the summer, grab some Lemonade and head out to the
porch. Read scary stories in a tent made of blankets and

When you have instilled the value of reading into your
child, they will develop a love for books. You have given
your child a priceless gift. The benefits are endless.
Reading often will give your child a broader vocabulary,
better comprehension and retention, as well as expand many
learning skills. They will have an easier time succeeding
as an adult.

One of the best gifts you can give your child is their very
own library card. It will teach them how to be responsible
by knowing their due dates. They will feel like you trust
them and are mature enough to have their own card. Plus, it
will make them want to read! They should love going to the
library like they love going to the toy store.

If you have stopped reading to your children, start again,
they will like it. They love attention, even teenagers.
Reading will also help you stay close to your children by
knowing what their interests are. Don't feel like it's too
late to start over. As long as there are books, you have
not lost your chance to make a difference in your child's
life through reading.


By - Latture Veloce

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