Self Publishing Traps To Avoid

Self-publishing didn't get the respect it deserved either
from the book industry or from the book-reading public for a
very long time. However, that has changed, thanks to books
like What Color Is Your Parachute and The Celestine
Prophecy. Of course, with the advent of ebook publishing the
tides have turned significantly so that now publishing your
own book is quite the accepted thing.

Publishing your own book, however, should be done only by
quality publishing companies and ebook publishing companies.
There are many fly-by-night publishing companies out there
that only want to take an eager writer's money and give a
poor quality product in return. So if you're considering
self publishing your book, be sure you deal with publishing
companies with a record of excellence and high quality

When publishing your own book, you also want to be sure you
have it professionally edited. Writers don't always make
good editors, especially when it comes to their own writing.
You are likely just too close to your book to give it the
thorough, professional editing it would get from a large
publishing company. So when publishing your book, don't make
the amateur's mistake of doing a poor editing job on it.
Because, truly, editing makes all the difference in the

Once you write your book you would want to think of
marketing and promoting your book. If you publish your own
book it won't automatically find its way into the reader's
hands. A book publicist or small marketing firm can help you
design a great marketing campaign even while the book is
being published. So, when your book is hot off the presses,
you will have a plan in place for getting it into the
readers' hands.

Also, don't cut corners when publishing your book. Make sure
the cover is beautifully and professionally designed. You
want the layout of the pages inside your book to be pleasing
as well. You'll also want to put some time and effort into
choosing the best typeface for your book. All these little
things can make your book stand out in the marketplace--and
you want it to stand out as well as if you went through the
conventional publishing process. You want your book to be
as appealing and competitive as possible, so when publishing
your own book put the same thought, care and time into it
that a conventional publishing house would. You'll be so
glad you did.

-Joan Pulis

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