Second hand books

Second hand books are becoming increasingly popular amongst people on a shoestring budget. And why not? If the books are still in relatively good condition and going for a discounted price, I myself would immediately jump at the offer. Who can resist a good deal anyway, right?

The market for second hand books is a relatively large one. Many people out there do not find it worth buying a book costing around $10 or $20 just to read once so they would rather sell it and use the money to buy another book, topped up with a little bit more cash.

Likewise, for those who find it a waste to spend so much money on a book, they would rather search for a second hand book. This can usually cost about 70% of the original price or if you are lucky, you can even get a book at half price. However in such situations, it all depends on how desperate the seller is to get rid of his books. Hope you are the lucky buyer!