Searching for a Good Accountant

For businesses, having good accounting staff is crucial to
the success of the business. In fact, public accounts are
so valued that job security is never a problem. Accounting
specialists have specific education and training, giving
them expertise in some difficult situations. The problem
today is that many corporations simply do not have enough
accounting staff and the ones that would like to hire more
find it challenging to pay competitive salaries, not to
mention benefits.

One person does not deal with a companies entire finances,
a whole team needs to be hired from top accountant to
accounting clerks and public accountants. Companies
can have some really deep pockets when it comes to
sending out singles looking for knowledgeable accountants.
Offering a piece of the company they work for is just
one of the draws for an accounted looking for a job.
Becoming part owner of a company, is the reward some
receive when they help bring in the money for the company.
You may get pleasantly surprised when you start looking
for a job as an accountant, and it may be hard to choose
just where you want to work when you start seeing
how far some businesses will go to get you to come work
for them.

Companies will set up their accounting staff in many ways
to excite their accountant to want to work toward the goals
of the whole team. One company offered their new accounting
staff 15% of the revenues after the first year, the second
year that percentage will drop down to 10%, however, it's
still a good deal. What companies want is an accounting
team that will work together and want to work hard for
their company, to watch it grow and prosper so that
everyone can benefit from all their hard work.

Another excellent incentive for maintaining your accounting
staff and keeping morale high is to provide them with
flexible hours. If you have accounting staff that works
crazy hours, especially during tax season, you might
consider implementing a program by which they could work
four days a week, ten hours a day. Another option is to
have staff members work nine hour days Monday through
Thursday and then take half day on Friday off. Again,
something so simple pulls a team together, which improves
productivity and the bottom line for the business.

It's a proven fact that businesses that treat their staff
well, and off good incentives for their hard work and
productivity. Many department stores will offer points or
"mad money" that can be earned if they sell so many of a
specialty item on sale that week, or if they sell over so
much inventory. A more casual environment has also been
shown to create more productivity with companies employees
and accounting staff. Although they want to keep their
business looking efficient and professional, many have
what's called "casual Friday," were nice jeans and clean
cut shirts but no ties are allowed to be worn in the
office. If your looking for a good job for life and you
like working with numbers, then maybe an accounting job
could be a very profitable and rewarding work experience
for you.

-Sam Grazenby

Sam Grazenby runs the website and writes for Accounting VP a site totally dedicated to promoting Accounting related topics and contains reviews of popular Accounting products. Please visit if you have any questions or comments concerning this article