Science fiction

Science fiction books are a dime a dozen out there. However, it has become such an important part of books that entire websites are dedicated to science fiction books. For science fiction lovers out there, indulge in these website all you can. It is like a child's playground to you!

Science fiction has many short stories too. As such, there are many online entries and books, ebooks as they are called, that can be found over the internet. It is not common to find over 6000 links to science fiction resources on a single website out there! In a single bookstore, there can be up to a few hundred of science fiction books for you to choose from.

Magazines have also been associated with science fiction. Yes, these magazines are entirely filled with science fiction stories and news, such as the latest author with the latest book etc. To those who really love science fiction, congratulations. You will have no shortage of candies to feed on.