Phone book

Phone book is but a dying fashion nowadays. In the age where technology rules, it is no wonder people have began ditching the once popular phone book for something more convenient. The invasion of the Internet emails and handphones have almost surely made the phone book an extinct item.

Everyone email account has a phonebook. With most free websites like hotmail or yahoo enabling customers to own an email account for free, people usually store their contacts in these online address books. Citing convenience as a major plus point and larger space provided by these companies, it is one of the main reasons why phone books hardly exist around now.

The use of handphone has also diminished the use of phone books now. With children as young as 7 owning a handphone, it has really became more of a necessity rather than a luxury good. Furthermore, top brands like Nokia and Motorola has increased the storage capacity and it is not uncommon to be able to store up to 500 names in it. Imaging writing 500 names in a phone book and you get the idea immediately.