All PPC Campaigns Do Not Lead To Riches

For some website owners, the road to riches is as simple as
using a pay-per-click campaign. But, truth be known, this
path isn't as clear cut as you might think since not all
pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are wisely planned. While
setting up a PPC ad in a search engine isn't very difficult
to perform, the strategic planning prior to set up is what
makes the response rate reach full speed. Can the average
website owner carry out this planning on his own? Sure, if
he's quite lucky. But, do you really want to leave your PPC
campaign's success to luck?

Comprehensive PPC programs are offered by many big search
engines. These programs include Google Adword and Yahoo
Search Marketing Solution (previously called Overture).
These programs take you through the stages of creating an
ad, submitting it for approval, and activating on the search
engine. Google Adword can approve your ad in a matter of
minutes and run it on the search engine. Yahoo, however,
must be reviewed by an actual person so it takes a little
longer to gain approval. Once launched, your campaign must
climb up in position before every searcher sees it.

Get your plan together before launching a campaign by
following a few basic tips:

- Who's your target? Pick keywords and phrases that mean
something to your market. Many groups expect your product
or service to be presented in a certain fashion. Examine
your list of words and phrases that are commonly used by
your customers to find out their likes and dislikes. This
may clue you into how your customers will search for your
product or service.

- Track your keywords. Don't jam-pack your PPC with every
conceivable keyword. Pick keywords with the strongest
appeal. Implement tracking systems, like Yahoo Search
Marketing Solution and Google Adwords, that carry out this

- Split-test your keywords. Maximize the space inside your
ad by using only words and phrases that produce the best
results. Conduct research by using Search Engine results to
test and monitor your keywords.

- Traffic and performance do not go hand-in-hand. Even if
you attract lots of traffic, you must motivate visitors to
take action. The clearer you are about the desired action
the better performance you will get from your traffic. When
your performance does better than your competitors, you are
in a position to buy better PPC ad positions. This
privilege attracts even more visitors who should be more
inclined to take action.

- Is your campaign linked to "landing pages"? A "landing
page" is where the visitor is directed upon clicking on a
keyword. Direct your visitors to a page in your site that
is most relevant to that keyword and to that population of
visitors who are most attracted to that keyword. Studies
show the more relevant the landing page to the visitor the
more likely the visitor is to respond to the call to action.

The best way to get a return on your investment (ROI) is to
implement a well thought out PPC campaign. Learning how to
set up a PPC ad is one thing; strategically planning a PPC
campaign that gets the best bang for your buck is another.
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