Out of print books

Out of print books are increasingly getting harder to find. As the years past, it has sort of become a treasure. I have seen some authors paying up to $1000 to get back their first edition books. However, for those who are thinking of doing a business from this, well, it is really akin to striking lottery. There are much better ways out there to make a living.

Nonetheless, for those of you out there looking for out of print books, there are certain websites dedicated to selling used and out of print books. These books may be those that are really not sort after by the authors themselves, hence not making it as valuable as others, but still make very good reference or reading material.

One note though, while buying out of print books, they are mostly second hand books. Thus, always make sure that these books have no missing or scribbled pages. As for the condition of the book, one cannot expect too much but who knows, it just might be your lucky day!