Book stores

There are now essentially two types of bookstores. The ever popular book store in your neighbourhood or shopping complex or the fast growing and highly competitive industry, the online book store. The latter, is of late, becoming more popular due to its convenience and attractive pricing.

Online book stores are in direct competition with one another over the cyber world. As such, prices are forced down due to price wars occurring between large online book stores companies. The only people who gain from this 'healthy competition' would be us, the consumers. Of course we would not be complaining right, would we?

Whenever you intent to buy a book from your local bookstore, it is always advisable to check the internet's online book stores to see whether there are better deals. More often than not, there are. Be in buying textbooks or popular books, these online book stores are loaded with it. Just a word of advice though, compare between them to get the best deal!