Apart from other categories of books such as science fiction, novels garner one of the most amount of readers. But what exactly is a novel and why are people so in love with them? Novel itself is a huge heading. There are many sub divisions such as romance novels and classic novels etc. but each is effectively a story about romance or which even division it's into.

Reading novels give their readers the luxury and catalyst to jump into their own dreamworld and fantasies. While reading, the reader is able to translate the story into his own imagination and this gives the reader a chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of the fast pace society. It has a sort of calming effect on the reader, must akin to a therapy.

However, novels are not for anyone out there on the street. Some more practical and down to earth people just do not gain that much satisfaction from reading novels and instead would go for books that gives them advice such as self-help books. Well I say, just go ahead and read any book!