Non-fiction books

Books such as Rich Dad Poor Dad, Five People You meet in Heaven and The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People are just some of the non-fiction books out there. While fiction books aim to bring their readers into a state of fantasy, non-fiction books aim to provide their readers with knowledge be it in investing, their own personal well being or even as a form of inspiration.

There are virtually hundreds and thousands of non-fiction books to choose from. Popular non-fiction books are usually written by famous and successful people whom people want to read and follow. As such, you can tell that one need not be a graduate and have a certificate in writing to be a popular book author. Here, what depends most is your reputation and kind.

Successful people such as Robert T. Kiyosaki and Donald Trumph have all became authors of non-fiction books. These highly successful people have written down their steps and stories to success for everyone to emulate and follow. Even the world's greatest investor Warren Buffett is a proud author of a non-fiction book too. That said, once you are successful, you might well be on your way to be a best-selling author!