New York Times book review

Which book shall I buy? This is the question most of you people will have on your mind. Do you base it on your friend's recommendation, what you have heard, or what you have read? Whatever the case, the New York Times book review is still a reliable way to know which are and which are not good books.

Everyone knows that the New York Times is a very well established company of high reputation. As such, their book review is a reliable way to know which books you ought to have in your library. They review almost every new book out in the market and what they recommend, people do usually follow.

Another way to know which are good books is to search the top selling books of all time list. Good and popular books will continue to sell even after many years and these are books which have topped the charts for weeks and even months. It is always good to start your reading hobby with these books, if you haven't already done so.