How to improve you holiday photos

How many times have you returned from a fantastic trip only
to find the photos that you have taken don't really do
justice to your memories? This was very common when everyone
used old-fashioned film to take their shots, and had to wait
for days for the prints to arrive - often excitement
followed by disappointment.

This happens with digital cameras also. Although they are
technically advanced and one can get a preview of some
sort, one cannot, however, get an exact idea of what a
photo would look like by seeing it on the diminutive screen
on the cameras. The waiting period too has no doubt reduced
but the result is not always as good as expected. By
following a few simple tips one can take excellent pictures
which can be enlarged and hung proudly on the wall.

The first thing is to look around for some good photographs
of the spot you are visiting. There is a likelihood of
there being a variety of picture post cards at the local
shops. See which one appeals to you and why. These are
normally photographs by professional photographers so you
can learn from them. Try to envisage from where the
photographer has taken the picture. If possible take it
from the same angle. You can benefit from the experience of
the professional.

Your friends may argue against copying the picture
postcard. But one cannot exactly copy the same. The reason
being a number of factors would be unique to your
photograph. These include the light, the trees and the
colors. Your photograph would have a personal flavor to it
since your friends; traveling companions would be in its
foreground. But the background in them would give a
fantastic touch to the photograph. Moreover, you can
innovate in a thousand ways and it is just a beginning.

When taking your shots, take you time. It doesn't mean you
have to spend hours setting up a tripod and so on, but don't
just point and press. Think about the shot - what's going to
make it interesting? If it's the monument you want to
photograph, will it look best in the center or slightly off
to the left? If you walk twenty feet to the left will you
get those trees to make a nice background rather than that
car park?

Hold the camera steady. All professionals use a tripod for
shooting scenery, but if you don't want the bother, try to
steady your hand against a railing or a wall. Your shots
will improve.

The snaps should be taken in the morning or the evening.
This is so because the light is great for taking
photographs at these times.

Always be on a lookout for details. In this way, you can
convey a lot about your place of visit. A small detail of
the monument sometimes convey the whole picture if it shot
with finesse. The running cost of the digital camera is
low. Therefore you can take plenty of shots without the
fear of incurring heavy cost of their development. So you
can take plenty of shots to your heart's content. Just
start snapping till you obtain what you like.

-Della Magin

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