Harry Potter fan fiction

Harry Potter has undisputedly created a storm in the world of reading. Right up there from grandparents to children, almost everyone seem to be enchanted in this series which has made author J. K. Rowling one of the most recognisable and richest people in the world. Harry Potter has appeared on every child's wish list be it for their birthdays or for Christmas.

This buzz in the book industry has poured over into other industries. Merchandise of Harry Potter has sprouted all over the streets with shops selling anything from figurines to bed sheets and pillows to clothing. Movie makers and ringing in the cash register too. The first three series of the Harry Potter series has already appeared on the theatre screens raking in record box office sales.

If you have no clue all of all that that is mentioned above, I suggest you start getting into the act, into the world of Harry Potter. Start off with the Harry Potter series and get enchanted into its magic.