Experience Fantastic Fishing Locations

Where in the world could you experience such fantastic and
diverse fishing than up the east coast of America. By
'trawling' the internet you'll discover that there are just
thousands of companies waiting to arrange whatever your
heart desires (or your pocket can afford!). Here are just a
few ideas that could give you some direction for further
research, ranging from the warm waters of Florida to the
decidedly chilly ices of northern Quebce. The choice is

Florida Keys or the 'Fishing Capital of the World'. Here
you find the warm gulf stream waters that provide a home to
some of the finest areas of coral in the world, offering
not only the ultimate in 'sunny clime' fishing but
wonderful scuba diving and snorkelling. It's therefore an
ideal place for a family holiday with different activities
for the different members of the family - satisfaction all
round! You can charter a boat of varying size depending on
your budget and they fish that you're after, but you'll
find that they'll be well equipped but for your comfort and
for your fishing.

Heading north, you'll arrive at North Carolina. Here
you'll find game fish and delicious sea food aplenty. If
you want variety, this is the place to come. You'll be able
to indulge in surf casting, trolling diving and spear
fishing or deep sea fishing in the Gulf Stream. Charter
your boat and simply enjoy!

Going north again you'll come to the wonderful salmon
fishing of the southern Quebec area, where the wonderful
rivers are clean and gushing with salmon. Here the people
consider fishing to be a way of life and they are willing
to show you how to become a master catcher of the world's
most intelligent and beautiful salmon. They will teach you
patience and understanding in addition to respect for the
creatures and they encourage you, when the fight is over
and the fish has accepted defeat, to respect its playing of
the game and place it back in the water. If you also want
to experience some lake fishing you can visit some of the
thousands of lakes that lie amidst the breathtaking
scenery. Again, any combination of fishing and
accommodation can be arranged to cater for your every

Even further north, you'll move into the world of northern
Quebec where the climate is much less friendly and the
indigenous people have used fishing as their only means of
food. Here you can learn the skill and solitude of the art
of ice fishing. Various villages will drag hundreds and
hundreds of small shacks onto the rivers and lakes and hire
them out for people who want to simply sit in their own
worlds to fish. The season is short, from Christmas through
to February and is turning out to be a profitable business
for the locals who can offer complete peace and solitude to
those who want to leave the madness of their own worlds for
a few days. If you can cope with the cold you're likely to
catch a mixture of walleye, yellow perch and pike; redfish,
cod and turbot and rainbow and speckled trout depending on
the village where you go but you're guaranteed to have
enjoyed the pleasure of getting to know yourself again.

-Hannah Turner

Hannah Turner is the editor and webmaster of a premier fishing information site on the Internet. For more information following this article please pay a visit.