English literature

English literature has been a huge part of history for every one of us. In fact, it is still very much relevant to us now and will continue to do so. In the days of yester years, the most famous person associated with English literature, William Shakespeare completely gave life to it and since then, people from all over have been appreciating and marveling at his work.

English literature in its present day of age now can be clearly seen in many ways. Movies and plays have been quick to base it on Shakespeare’s works. Julius Caesar and Romeo and Juliet are just some of the more recent movies involving the famous writer.

Sadly speaking, the current generation of youngsters does not seem to appreciate or even bother about literature. Some feel it is a total waste of time, mostly spent memorising text after text. Some are determined to not touch any literature books once they are able to get past it. Truth is, there is much to learn from it concerning us such as analyzing one's character and exploring the English language in much greater depth.