Donald Trump, the art of the deal

If I had a last $10 in my wallet, I would use it to buy this book. If I had $100 in my wallet, I would buy many of this book. If I had $10 000 in my wallet, I would have read the book and learn from Donald Trump already. Okay jokes aside, this is really want book you want to have, or rather you need to have.

Donald Trump, the art of the deal, focuses mainly on Donald Trump's past on how he did his business and clinches his deals. The moment you read the first page, you will be engrossed in it for sure. Here you are, looking at things in the perspective of a multi billionaire. No matter what type of person you are, it is sure to inspire you. Yes, to believe in the American dream again.

Donald Trump's no nonsense approach can be clearly seen and reflected in his books. Though he has published a few other books, this I would say is really one that inspires while the other books serve to teach. The first chapter is about 7 days of his life and believe me, you can learn much from just those 7 days. Read the book to find out more and it will be the best money you have ever spent or the best gift to a friend.