Do You Like Collectibles?

A collectible is commonly defined as a manufactured item
designed for people to collect, but they can also include
natural objects, such as butterflies and items manufactured
for purposes other than collecting, such as stamps.
Sometimes objects designed for other purposes become so
popular among collectors that they are marketed
specifically to that audience. Star Wars action figures are
an example of this phenomenon.

Back in the "old days" certain toys and action figures were
put in with products and an incentive to buy that product.
The longer these "incentive toys" are around the chance for
a secondary market is available to sale these items. Whole
series of things are created by a company just to raise
the excitement among collectors and boost sales of their
products because they know that real collectors will just
about go to any means to collect a whole series of

The earliest versions of a product, usually manufactured in
smaller quantities before its popularity developed,
sometimes command exorbitant prices on the secondary
market. In a mature market, however, collectibles rarely
become a spectacular investment. Occasionally, an item from
a collectible series becomes exceptionally valuable. These
objects are referred to as collector's items due to their
rarity, and can be valuable enough to be sold for
substantial price. Examples of popular collectibles include
animal figurines, dolls, plates, figurines, music boxes,
scale models, and early computer equipment.

Collectible means something different to everyone. When
asked what a collectible is, a non-collector will probably
mention an item specifically marketed as a collectible such
as a figurine. A non-collector might also mention coins,
stamps or even sea shells. Asking a collector what a
collectible is will elicit a detailed response on feelings
a certain item evokes, the type of investment they have
made or a story of a quest to find a particular object.

Collectibles usually have an emotional tie to the person
collecting who collects something that is very special to
them. Non-collectors probably feel that collecting anything
is a waste of time and money. However, true collectors,
most of them anyway have a soft spot for what they collect
and probably have a special reason for collecting the
things they do. No matter what collectors have a real soft
spots for what and why they collect what they do and no
amount of money on the planet can take that away from them.


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