Clicking With Online Adverts

If your business is small and operating in a niche market,
you need an alternative to the free search engines that are
becoming even more competitive and complex. Pay-Per-Click
("PPC") advertising can be that solution.

Learn the secrets of PPC search engines and success on the
internet could be yours. Be warned, however, a lack of
understanding could put your business on the road to
insolvency. I can't emphasize this strongly enough. An
understanding of PPC can be a great advantage to your

If you've ever attended an auction to bid for a piece of
furniture or artwork you'll have some idea of how to
advertise on the PPC search engines. In this case you're
bidding for high ranked spots on the keywords you've
identified for your business. Visitors will arrive at your
site by clicking on your search engine advert, and each
time that happens you'll pay the search engine the value of
your bid. A bid can be as low as 5 cents, but some highly
competitive keywords can cost several dollars.

Let's consider the advantages and disadvantages of PPC
advertising. First some advantages -

1. You don't pay unless someone clicks on your advert.

2. Can be an inexpensive method of attracting targeted
traffic to your site.

3. Outbid the competition and that top advertising spot can
be yours, no matter how small your business.

4. Some PPC search engines enable a campaign to be up and
away in minutes. Not very long after you could be taking

5. If the results aren't all you expected then you can
simply cancel the campaign with immediate effect.

6. Campaigns can be tested and refined very quickly and
very easily.

Don't forget that there are disadvantages too.

1. Not everyone who clicks on your advert is a potential
customer. You will have to pay for these junk clicks though.

2. You can get into bidding wars with your competition for
those prime spots, thus forcing up the cost per click.

3. Some of the PPC search engines have rigorous approval
processes for adverts. You don't always end up with an
advert to your liking, or it could take a long time to get
the advert agreed.

4. A poorly worded or, even worse, misleading advert could
generate traffic but not make sales. Unless you've placed a
restriction on your advertising budget, your business could
quickly be on the road to insolvency.

So how do you tip your toe in the water with PPC
advertising? Before you do anything else research the
keywords that your target market are searching on. You
wouldn't want to bid for traffic on an irrelevant keyword
would you? The methods for carrying out this research are a
fully fledged topic in their own right, which I'll cover in
a future article.

Before you consider making a bid, you must first establish
the average revenue which each visitor to your website
generates. Use this calculation as your benchmark to
prevent you bidding too highly.

It may be the case that your site is new and you have no
visitor experience, but want to use PPC advertising to test
your sales copy.Then be careful and track your costs and
sales copy closely. Initially set yourself a daily budget -
an amount you can afford to lose if the traffic fails to
convert to sales. If your copy is attracting customers like
crazy then increase your budget accordingly.

You're just about ready to dip your toe in the water. I've
simply given you an outline here and this is only my
interpretation of PPC advertising, which I suggest you use
as a stepping stone to finding out more for yourself.

Wishing you success online with PPC advertising.

-Mark Vandorone

At Five Marketing Mark Vandorone provides a simple, and extremely powerful, keyword-targeted source of online advertising. You can try out Mark's service by visiting