Children's books

Books such as Harry Potter and The Adventures of Tin Tin are just two of the many popular children's books around. Authors such as J K Rowling and Enid Blyton are some of the famous authors associated with children's books. Books by these authors have surely came across a child at one point in time or another as they mature.

It is important to let children read books voraciously. By that, I do not mean stuffing your child with books in the hope of him being a brighter person. In fact, it might have an adverse effect on him. It is more important to just introduce books and the language to him slowly and if he shows interest in books, then by all means supply him with loads of it.

The reason why books should be favoured over television is because while reading, a child's mind is at work. He gets creative in his thinking and imagination while reading. Conversely, if a child watches television, he will simply be staring at the black google box in front of him while images are flashed across. How does the child's mind work in this case? As such, it is always important to introduce books to children at a young age. It is never too late to start though, so do it now!