Children's literature

Literature can come in different forms. While some have the idea the literature must have something associated or look like Shakespeare's work, the truth is literature can come in either the form of poetry or prose. Yes, children's literature do not necessarily have to do with a play or writing poems which try to make it look sophisticated.

Developing your child's love for literature from young is extremely crucial. Most people well-versed in literature learn to appreciate the arts and social science much more. They also have much better analytical and critical thinking skills. Reason is that while studying or learning literature, they are force to use their imagination and creativity, more so than any other subject such as maths or science.

First get your child started by having him to read more books. Books are in the form of prose, a subdivision of literature. Prose are essentially passages instead of poetry, where the meaning can be more profound and hidden which is hard for your children to grasp. By first evoking the spirit within the child to read, you can be quite sure he will be a proud descendent of Shakespeare in future!