Buy used textbooks

Brand new textbooks or used textbooks? To some people, the answer may come very naturally. Brand new textbooks of course. Who would want to use an old textbook when one has the ability to get sparkling clean, new ones? However, to those without that financial muscle or for those who do not mind listening, read on please.

Being one of those who often used hand-me-down books, as my schooling years past, I was always complaining and demanding new textbooks. Why could my older sibling be able to use new textbooks while I have to settle for second best? However, as I grew up and matured, I realise that coming from a not so well to do family left me with no choice.

Nonetheless, I realised that used textbooks has its advantages too. One main plus factor is that you inherit whatever notes the person before you has left on. If that is not a good enough incentive for you, then think about your parents at least. It really pays to be considerate and understanding. The money they save could be very well for your birthday present.