Books a million

Books a million is one of the largest online retail store. Based in the US, it sells anything from books to magazines, calendars and many other items. For those who are on a tight budget and looking for discounted books, it is certainly the best place to shop. Discount can range anything a few % savings to 40% and above.

As far as I know, Books a million sells only brand new books and not used books. This is certainly one piece of information you wouldn't want to leave out as I'm sure you do not want to be in for a nasty surprise when they delivered your book. After all, who wants to share this type of things right? Humans are, in a certain way, selfish by nature.

Most people's book collection is very precious to them, I'm no different. I'm very particular about the condition of the books and always have a nice wrapper to keep it fairly safe and clean. Maybe that's the reason I do not lend out certain books. I want it spick and span, in tip top condition.