Book sales

In this page, I would focus mainly on how you, as a reader and a consumer, will be able to transform your idle books or books that you have read into cash, through sellings books - book sales.

Many homes have their own 'mini-libraries'. Yes that's right, almost everyone have books in their house. More often than not, these books are books that are already read and just left there as a collection - for dust. It is these books where people like you can imagine them to be 'hidden gold'. Yes, they are worth money.

These old books can be sold in a number of ways. The most obvious but difficult way would be to sell it through second-hand bookstores over the internet. It would be difficult because you first must have a substantial amount of books for the bookstores to even look at your collection, which may be quite difficult.

The second way would be to use these online bookstores as a middleman. Just post the type of books you have online and check your mail within a few weeks. You might just have become a businessman overnight.