Book reviews

Many book readers, some famed, some well-known, others not really so, always attempt to give reviews of books that they have read. In newspapers or magazines, we always see columns where certain books are recommended. It may be a good idea to listen to such people, but it will always be beneficial for the reader no matter what type of book he is reading people that others put down.

Friends or relatives might even be the one who persuades you to read a certain book because they recommend it or they might discourage you from reading it because they have read it and gave it a poor book review of their own. People all have different thinkings. As the saying goes, one man's junk may be another man's gold. What they do not recommend might actually be useful for you after all.

It may be even you, when you recommend other people certain books based on your own book reviews. Some books are really worth re-reading and recommending to other people. Books such as Totto-Chan, a best seller for a very long in many countries are internationally acclaimed and has sold millions of copies. It is these types of books that it is worth giving a review on, a positive one, to encourage other readers to read.