There are many famous authors around, authors of best sellers in many countries that have sold millions of copies of books. Author of inspirational books such as Tuesdays with Morrie and Five People you meet in Heaven, Mitch Albom is just one example of more well known books. Then there is of course the well known greatest investor of all time, Warren Buffet. Even this man who is ripping billions through his investments is an author of a book.

I advise you when seaching for books or reading them, always take note of the author's name. In future when you overhear a conversation where people are talking about books, you will be amazed at how smart you will feel when you know what people are talking about when they talk about the author's name. I personally have experienced the joy when my friends are talking about books by this or that particular author.

However, it will be impossible to go around memorising author's name, famous or not famous. It is always good to start somewhere and in this case, start with authors of best sellers. Not only are their books really worth reading and re-reading, you will quickly grasp the more well-known and famous authors in the world. Now, quickly go and find best selling books around!